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What tasty idea wants you to take a bite out of it?
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February 2023

where snowbank and roadside meet springtime offers tantalizing treat melt occurs — bottoms-up sole crunches baby barriers with each step simple…

September 2022

Hi BFN family, I know… it’s been a while. Hi! Hello! Hi! Some of you have been hanging out with the muses at 3musesmerge where Cal, Tal, Nia, and Typist…

June 2022

Childhood wisdom… to easily make friends. ~Katarina Tajiri Dear Katie, Pairing you with this chapter felt like Cinderella’s foot slipping into the…

April 2022

God blesses parents with children — mirrors. ~Roger Jacobs Dear Dad, It wasn’t until I became a mom that I could fully grasp the extent of love and…

March 2022

When you find yourself Spare a thought for the person Who sent you to look ~Stuart James Dear Stuart, The word Xanadu immediately conjures an image of…
Fleeting thoughts of pain Washed away by dreams so deep Waking strength to act ~Abigail Pierce Dear Abbie, You led… I followed. First, you invited me to…
Pennies roll, the dice is stacked. ~Margaret O‘Brien Dear Margaret, So much has happened since I signed up for The Creative’s Workshop in February…