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“Imagine,” indeed! The school grounds had the only swings and slide in our town of 500 folks. My penchant for thrill seeking was already evident. Solo on the swing seat I combined leg motion with my arms pulling on the chains until I could see over the crossbar on the backswing! A decided free fall usually resulted for a split second.

A classmate and I used to swing tandem! He on the seat, I standing and facing him. Same objective: higher than the crossbar supporting the swings. More free fall. 🤪

As in your telling today, the slide was well utilized. Nothing was placed around the slide or swing to cushion falls, so the ground at the bottom of the slide became hollowed out creating more of a drop! Same at the swings.

Returning to the classroom after what seemed mere minutes was a twice a day practice of Yin and Yang.

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