I Don’t Know 🤷‍♀️

Sometimes I look out our windows with envy. The deer, rabbits, chickadees, and foxes live without weight of belief and thought.

Do they?

I guess I don’t really know for certain.

Sometimes I allow the weight of human opinion and disagreement weigh me down like wet January snow on cedar branches.

This week two readers engaged me in conversation related to climate change.

My reply was…I dunno know….

Humans? Universal fluctuations? A combination of the two?

Then I feel stupid and uninformed for not knowing.

Weighed down by my ignorance.

Is the red cardinal fretting about his feelings for koalas in Australia?

I keep coming back to fragments.
And, I believe that if humans got their own houses in order and stopped worrying about everyone else’s, the world will take care of itself.

One of my favorite questions of all time comes from Mike Johnson….

What if we are not here to fix the world, but rather the world is here to fix us?

Two readings inspiring this mornings letter….

The Animals Don’t Care About Us
J. Krishnamurti Online