If I do not believe as you believe, it proves that you do not believe as I believe, and this is all that it proves. ~Thomas Paine

What I know, throughout my entire life, will be fractions and fragments. Let me repeat….

What we know, throughout our entire lives, will be fractions and fragments.

Have you ever thought about that?

There’s no possible way for us to perceive the world exactly as somebody else does—to feel what they feel, to see what they see.

Knowing is an end—the death of possibility.

Whatever I think about voter ID, immigration, abortion, technology, global warming, GMOs, plastic straws, and green shakes is neither right or wrong.

Why are we fooled by people who claim to know?
Are we seeking security?

What if our truths are uncovered windows, open to light and transformation?
Freedom? Growth? Becoming?

My connection Jay Armstrong over at Write On Fight On started a self-forgiveness challenge in January. His post Seriously, Who Am I? plucked my strings because as a writer (and talker?) I’ve often wondered that myself.

Seriously Gail, Who are you???

Today I found Thomas Paine’s quote….and this video from J. Krishnamurti.
Who said the universe doesn’t provide? :)

Our integrity remains intact as long as we recognize our beliefs and understandings are opinion, informed by fractions and fragments.