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Enabling, addiction, tough love, withdrawal! This chapter can’t help suggesting parallels with human to human dynamics. We sometimes use “AAA” to note a healthy process for addressing life circumstances.

Awareness: I heard in this chapter the feeder-filler noting the rapid emptying of jelly reservoirs, while acknowledging the struggle. “What a beautiful creature! How nice to have this avian visitor peering through the window at me.”

Acceptance: Realizing that what has entered one’s awareness should not be shrugged off, and recognizing a potential drop in the value of Welch grape jelly stock, you accept that inaction isn’t an answer.

Action: Through being present and engaged in this dynamic, and seeking a workable adjustment, you chose reliance on Nature’s bounty and variety of alternative sustenance for your frequent flyer.

Wistfulness and a sense of guilt (I’ll miss his gorgeous feathers, and I hope he doesn’t suffer reverting to his natural diet) can stymy our efforts in doing the next right thing. If we’ve been thorough in using AAA, however, a workable and necessary action can be taken.

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