Fifteen Strong

Nineteen, if you count the dogs...

Has it only been two weeks since the wedding?

I told you about dancing, but not the maid of honor’s dinner toast. Before raising her glass, the bride’s sister shared, “I don’t know how many of you know this, but our family is quite small. Before today we were only 12 in number. We’re so happy to welcome Greg and his beautiful daughters to make us 15 strong.”

Why so small?

My parents-in-law are both only children, who went on to raise four of their own. Through marriage and grandchildren, their numbers grew from 6 to 12.

Since the wedding, we’ve added two puppies to the mix, Henrietta and Finley, raising our total four-leg count from 2 to 4.

Yesterday, 11 of us gathered to share lunch, and to watch puppies wrestle and splash in the kiddie pool.


Three. Twelve. Fifteen. Fifty, or Two Hundred.

It’s not the number, but instead the love that counts.

How strong is your family?