Can you dance?

Of course you can

The real question is: Will you dance?

In anticipation of my sister-in-law’s wedding, there was a lot of bluster from a couple of my favorite two legs about how their feet would not connect with the dance floor at the reception.

Two left feet…look foolish…can’t do it…won’t do it…

Much to my delight, four feet lost the fight.

Two dances with my two feet were meaningful and memorable.

How’d I charm them? I didn’t.

Time, patience, and outside influence worked.

No bluster. No demands.

Their feet danced with mine—for me.

Will they remember?


Here’s my father talking…he’s a storyteller, often on repeat.

Your mother kicked off her shoes the minute we walked in the door. There were weekly dances back then—our socialization and entertainment—with beer. She always wanted me to dance and I always said, “No.”

After she died—still now—I feel bad about that. I should have danced with her—at least a little.

So the question is…

Will you take your two left feet out and dance like nobody is watching?

Setting aside fear for love?