Have a heart....

Somebody looked at a teeny, tiny piece of me and decided….I’m heartless?

How interesting!

There was a time when I would have taken the comment to heart. Feeling bad, my thoughts might have stewed for days.
What have you done this time, Gail?

That was before I understood Fragments.

So here’s what happened…..

Somebody wrote a satirical piece about frivolous lawsuits and I responded:

I’ve eaten pounds of Cheezits over the years! And I might have spilled hot coffee from a drive thru on my lap once.

What I said must have triggered a feeling in the woman who responded with, “Have a heart.”

Hmmm….Why did I poke fun at he McDonald’s case? I wondered. And, why did the responder feel different?

She and I have had lifetimes of different inputs.

For my part, I can say that I have a long, deep history of personal responsibility. If I suffered coffee burns from mishandling a cup, suing the coffee vendor would never cross my mind.

I tried for some I and Thou by sending a reply, but my responder disappeared into the online mists of disconnection.

I guess I’ll never know about the fragments that led to her opinion.

I didn’t take her words “to heart”.

She felt, she thought, she acted.

I held my feelings up to the light, thought and acted—without perseverating too much.

Now that I understand fragmented thinking, the comment raised curiosity instead of shame.