Who has your eyes? Ears? Nose?

Henrietta and I have been learning a lot from a YouTube dog trainer—Zak George. Most of his videos are around the ten minute mark. His instruction reminds the viewer that he can guide your steps, but the journey and work of building communication with your pup is your’s alone.

Yesterday I watched a piece about training your dog to STAY. Often you can communicate this command to your dog quite easily in a quiet house without distraction. The real challenge comes when somebody squeaks a toy, rings the doorbell, or runs by. With the help of a 9 month old German short haired pointer, Zak demonstrated how important it is to hold eye contact with your dog. If you don’t have their eyes, you don’t have the dog.

Who has your eyes?

Are they taking you places you want to go?

Can you ignore the distractions along the way?