When singing in the rain

Doesn’t work

Maybe try a nap?

The drops are pelting fast and furious this morning.

Can you see from the photo that Half-Pint’s head is damp?

Rambunctious, bitey, and full of mischief, I had no choice but to click Henrietta’s collar and snap on her leash. I shrugged on my plastic, turquoise rain jacket and we exited through the garage.

Henri’s been tickled by drizzle, but not battered by RAIN.

At a sprint, she dragged me over to the lawn.
Squat for #1.
Back arched for #2.

“Well, that was quick,” I said. “Let’s go!”

She looked at the open garage door.
She looked down the drive.
She looked at me.

We made it to the start of the S-turn, me singing Gene Kelly’s song at the top of my voice as encouragement. Funny how my mind dredged that up from it’s depths. I’ve never even seen the movie! Some things we just know because, well..we just know.

Henrietta planted her butt on the asphalt.
Looked at the garage.
She was having none of it.

The moment I relented, we bolted back to the garage.

Towel dried, she’s plunked herself on the carpet and is dozing lightly.

If the rain is falling hard in your life, what do you think of Henri’s coping strategy?

I’m sure she’ll be up again soon. As soon as the deluge subsides, we’ll be back outside.