What do you feed your computer?

I’m a member-at-large on a charitable foundation board. The group raises funds to support our local school system. I look forward to the quarterly meetings where we sit around a large conference table, notebooks open and pens in hand. The group is diverse; accountant, banker, financial planner, former 2nd grade teacher, professional fundraiser, attorney, superintendent, local business owners, a dentist, and…me.

What I love about the gathering is that I always learn something and walk away thinking.

At a recent meeting, we spent a story problem’s worth of minutes discussing the potential addition of REITS (real estate investment trusts) to the foundation’s investment portfolio. These sorts of conversations don’t happen anywhere else in my day to day life.

From the bank manager I learned that there’s a massive data storage facility built into the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri. Our local bank stores data there. A few years ago, my fellow board member took a tour of the gargantuan vault of information. He shared, These types of facilities are often built and manged with REIT money.

This got me thinking about the information age—all of the keystrokes, numbers, letters and symbols—recorded, backed up and stored in a bunker.

Did you know your mind has a bunker of it’s own?

Our subconscious is a massive data storage facility. It clicks away 24/7/365. Like servers in the mountainside, it can transfer data from years ago in a flash. Often times the process is invisible.

We see a spider and back away. We smell chocolate chip cookies and think of grandma. We climb an observation tower and our heart rate increases.

In The Creative Way, author Twyla Tharp proposes what you are today and what you will be in five years depends on two things———————>

  1. the people you meet, and

  2. what you read

And that’s what led me to ask….What do you feed your computer?