I’m annoyed with my body.
Is annoyance a healthy mind response?
Yoga teacher Sarah once said, “Don’t go around complaining about your grumpy knee, hip, or back. Speak of it as healing.”
In some moments, annoyance wins….
Then it’s my job to quietly observe,
and let negative evaporate into mist.

Sitting in the urgent care waiting room, I accept my decision to come…..and wait. A tiny red blemish spread from my upper eyelid to the flesh below my eye. Now my entire cheek and jaw are swollen. Infection has the upper hand and I need help…..or at least I think I do.

The television above my head broadcasts Sunday morning pundits.


The African American Community
Trump, Bernie, Warren, Bloomberg, Additional Names I’ve Not Bothered To Remember

It’s all opinion?
That’s all we’ve got as humans?
Fragments forming opinions?

Still waiting to be seen, I think of J. Krishnamuti who said:

Ideologies are always idiotic.

What is really important to see, for each one of us, if it is possible to bring about a change in consciousness, in our consciousness, in the field in which we think, feel, operate, function, act, behave.

For me the best introduction is the human face. When I see two eyes, one mouth, one nose, I know I’m dealing with another human being like me. I’m like those young children who don’t care about their companions’ background so long as they smile and are willing to play.
Dalai Lama

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