To The Nature Station

Have you ever heard the phrase, Where attention goes, energy flows?

I am receiving the most fascinating nature experiences this summer. Is it because I’ve stopped to pay attention at the expense of being busy?

Just last week, I waited patiently under a nest of wrens as the young nimbly clambered about on the tangle of sticks protruding from the ceramic shelter’s portal. Certain they were ready, I wanted to see them take flight. C’mon—You can do it! I quietly whispered.

Unfortunately, attending last weekend’s wedding caused me to miss the show. The next morning when I went to check on the nest, the birds were gone.

Just yesterday my son came in from cleaning the bluegills he’d caught and said, “Mom…there’s a vole and a toad stuck in the window well.”

“Did you get them out…or give them a ramp to climb up?”

“Not yet, I figured you’d want to see.”

He was right. Just look at that face!

And…this is a personal pickle for me.

I’ve been watching a great golden digger wasp excavate a burrow on our patio for the last several days. She is strong!

In her brief absences, I dismantled her work twice, refilling the hole—going so far as to stuff in a really big rock that I thought she wouldn’t be able to move. Through extreme heat and thunderstorms, she worked around it.

There’s no quit in this one!

Her plan, as best I understand it, is to complete the burrow, and then stuff a longhorned grasshopper into its depths where her hatchlings will feast and grow.

Why is this a pickle?

Because if we don’t kill her, I think our chances of being stung are quite high.

The jury is still out on my next steps.

So, my questions for today are…

Where is your attention?
And what is playing on your station?