Train your sheepdog

The clear glass was filled to the rim with tea. Cubes trapped a slice of lemon to its side. I took a long drink and listened to an analogy I’d not heard before.

“So he said we’re the sheep, he’s a sheepdog, and of course…there are wolves. Sheepdogs can’t be everywhere—there are too many sheep.”

My sister and brother-in-law attended a class instructed by a 30 year police veteran. In his analogy…

You and I are sheep. Police and military are sheep dogs. Wolves are…wolves.

“The officer said sheep who are aware of their surroundings fare better in crisis situations.”

On my desk I have a small, 40 page book written by Seneca—On the Shortness of Life.

In his blunt text, Seneca calls out sheep for wasting their lives in foolish pursuits—besotted with wine, paralyzed by sloth, exhausted by ambition that hangs upon the decision of others, complaining and dissatisfied…

Seneca does not mince words or make excuses.

So it is—the life we receive is not short, but we make it so, nor do we have any lack of it, but are wasteful of it. ~Seneca

What do you teach your inner sheep dog?

Our everyday wolves are disguised as rewards—stealing our attention and health—shortening our time.

scrolling, junk food, gossip, negative inputs/outputs

What if you teach your inner sheepdog to keep wolves at bay?

Guiding you toward:

books, nature, healthy food, thoughtful conversation, positive inputs/outputs

One life. Full of choices.

What do you choose?