Tossing Confidence

Tiny fingers released the rope tied through the orange toy’s circular cut. The puppy dummy arced like the second hump of a lowercase m and landed five feet in front of the thrower’s rain boots.

Toss. Single leap and bound. Soft jaw retrieve. Turn. Single leap and bound. Drop toy at galoshes.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

“Good morning all,” I called.

“Good morning!” father and son replied.

Rain Boots had more to say. I slowed and willed my ears to hear her tiny voice.

“I’m throwing Riley’s toy….I’m really good at it!”

“You are!” I said. “Riley’s a lucky dog. Your throws are fantastic!”

The tosses were impressive for a peanut wearing size 4 polka dotted footwear. I’m not sure how Riley felt, but I was inspired. If Rain Boots keeps up the effort, Riley will get to leap and bound a little farther every day.

Ahhh…the confidence, belief and faith of a child.

What does your self talk sound like?

Rain Boots’ confident comment tossed me some self reflection.