Toad and Squirrel

Sometimes there’s no question we need a hand up. I’ve seen enough toad skeletons in our window well to know—without help—this warty blob wouldn’t make it out of his predicament alive.

While relocating him, he peed on my hand—and struggled like a fly caught in Charlotte’s web.

Regardless, I feel good about operation toad transfer. I doubt our paths will cross again.

In contrast, adorable red squirrel has been on the naughty list for weeks.

He’s slept in our garage, hid inside the lawn mower, and nearly startled me into heart failure several times.

Securing the bird’s breakfast, lunch and dinner in a plastic bin wasn’t enough to deter Mr. Ravenous, who munches in the garage by night and monopolizes the bird feeder by day.

Why isn’t he foraging in the forest?

Give a squirrel an inch…

Teach a man to fish…

Buy a metal bin…

What are the critters in your neighborhood up to?

Docile or rambunctious, leathery or fur covered, creatures add color to my days.