A friend recently mentioned the newsletters he reads on his daily commute. On the list of six, there were two we had in common—Seth’s Blog and Empty Your Cup.

I investigated the other four and signed up for two.

One…theSkimm…is a bit of a departure for me. The daily offers…get this! News!
I subscribed. I can always unsubscribe, right?
The trust I have in this friend influenced me. Interesting.
He didn’t advise—simply told me what he reads.

For many years, I’ve been like an ostrich, avoiding bias and sensationalism.
On first glance, The Daily Skimm is not that.
Today I learned xenophobia is causing trouble in Africa.
Vaping marijuana is causing respiratory issues.
Dorian is in the Carolinas.

The jury is still out, but I’m giving news another try.

And now…a meditation from Awakening by Anthony De Mello:

The Master made sure the monastery library was well stocked with books on every conceivable subject—politics, architecture, philosophy, poetry, agriculture, history, science, psychology, art, and the section he himself used most, fiction.

He repeated one refrain: “God save us from people who do not think, think, think!”

There was nothing he feared more, he said, than the one-track mind, the one-book fanatic.

This puzzled the disciples, for it was so out of tune with the nonthinking perception, the nonconceptual awareness that was the mainstay of the Master’s teachings.

When asked directly, he ambiguously replied, “A thorn can be dislodged by means of another thorn, can’t it?”

What are you reading?