The bunnies and the bees?

A thought on how the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone....

Last spring, we almost dug out the goldfinger potentilla shrubs that flank the short walkway to our front door. Their yellow flowers are beautiful in August, but the bushes structure is a bit—unruly—floppy—not in step with the rest of our neat and tidy landscape scheme. After last winter, the brown, droopy stems were slow to show any signs of green.

“Okay,” I relented to my husband’s proposal. “Take them out…but, the bees are going to miss them.”

You might recall when the shovel hit the dirt, a nest of baby bunnies put the brakes on operation shrub removal.

Well, after the baby bunnies vacated, life got in the way, and on this sunny August morning as Henrietta chewed on a juicy hunk of mulch beneath the potentilla, pollinators buzzed above her head and I was able to snap a sunlit photo.

One thing leads—or doesn’t—to another…