Suspending Expectation

Is that even possible?

“About twelve hundred miles each way,” he said.

Since I’m a wiz at math, a round trip total of 2400 miles flashed across my brain along with Colorado, the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore…..mountain driving. A walker, bathroom stops, in and out of restaurants, and hotels.

What are they thinking???!!!!

When my 83 year old father told me he and his friend Jean were going on a road trip to visit Jean’s son in Colorado, my mind sped down the highway of negative what if thoughts.

That is until I gently stepped on the brakes to slow things down.

Dad has almost seventy years of driving experience. In his youth he hauled gravel and water-logged tucks loaded with cherries all over Door County. He’s pulled a fifth-wheel into Canada and through the hills and mountains of Nova Scotia. Many a walleye were caught by the man who drove in all kinds of weather to fish the lakes of North Dakota.

Where’s the trust—in Dad and the universe?
Would you rather he was in his recliner watching the anxiety news reel run without pause?

Heck no!

I did not sneeze one negative thought or expectation in the pair’s direction.
Within seconds, I was able to respond with genuine enthusiasm for their adventure.

I’ve received a number of calls from the road…and a few photos from Jean’s iPhone. Bonnie and Clyde, stealing youth, are having a grand time. Today they’ll visit Mount Rushmore as part of their return trip.

When I recently shared a quote with a friend….something about the most interesting thing being the thing you did not expect….Richard Feynman, I believe…the friend asked, “What if you didn’t expect?”

Indeed, what if?
I’m trying to suspend all (well, at least some) expectation, trading up for living in the now.

Care to join me?

You might be interested in this short video about the Theory of Induction.
I was.