Some of it...

I learned the hard way:
~Forcing results often leads to breaking something or someone.
~Rigid beliefs render us fragile.
~Listening to understand is love in action.

I read on the page:
~It is more effective to provide inspiration for what others might do than to have aspirations for what others should do. (Jerry Harvey)
~It will make an immense difference with your faith and spirit whether you look upon civilization as a good thing that is becoming better or as a bad and evil thing that is decaying. (Wallace Wattles)
~A simple truth, repeated as often as it is ignored, is that if you tell a child it can do absolutely anything, or that it can’t do anything at all, you will in all likelihood be proven right. (Fredrik Backman)

Came from heartbreak:
~The lifespan of a dog is significantly shorter than that of a human.
~Failure simply means something greater is waiting for you to find it. Keep going.
~You must get up and move forward knowing as sure as the sun rises, your heart will be broken again.

Came with age:
~Life is what you make of it.
~I am 100% responsible for the energy I bring—to everything.
~When I call on my higher nature, better thing show up.

What are some things you’ve learned?

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