Slow Down

You move too fast

You got to make the morning last,
Just kickin’ down the cobble stones…..
Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy…..

~Simon and Garfunkel

His smile was upside down.
Henrietta flipped it with her enthusiastic greeting.
We haven’t drummed jumpy hellos out of the pup because her exuberance makes us feel groovy?

I headed out with the shovel while he went to change.
The midnight blue, all wheel drive was two-thirds off the snow covered asphalt, hung up in a Henri-height snow-mound—just feet from a rocky ledge.
Oh my…so glad I wasn’t driving! Shoveling provides enough exercise for my heart.

Wearing mittens and hat, he pushed the snowblower toward me.
Yelling over the noise, “How did that happen? I left it parked on the drive by the lamp post. It slid all that way on its own?!”

We have little sense and even less control over the directions we are going. But we seem to be pleased with the fact that we are getting there faster and faster. ~Lee Thayer—On Living Our Explanations

I remember learning in driver’s education that in every accident, both parties bear some responsibility. Even if I were to get rear ended at a stop sign, I was partially at fault simply for being there. As a 15 year old, I found the notion ludicrous. At 51, I understand.

In Meditations from the Mat, Rolf Gates offered me a definition of Karma I’d not heard before:

Karma is the momentum of all the external forces in our lives, including the consequences of choices we have made in the past.
The spiritual journey can be likened to waking up one day to find one-self mindlessly floating down a river. The first step is to acknowledge we are in a river. The second step is to realize we have a choice about it. Many of us then try to swim upstream, but eventually we arrive at the third step: we get out of the river.

Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Are you in the river?
Swimming upstream?
Ready to get out?