Shed a little light

How am I on auto pilot here?

How many times have I passed this sand cherry plum and not noticed its many shades?

question everything
first and foremost
the thoughts running through
your own mind

for walking the well worn path
might be easy and comfortable

but it’s when you dare to wander
that life

observe everything
as if
you’ve never seen it before

riches hide
where you once
averted your gaze

what appears to be crisis
can be
wearing the wrong coat

Taco Tuesday is cancelled! said the kid after listening to an online lecture.
The meal of Food and Wellness contained a side dish of systemic racism?
There are too many white chefs on television preparing ethic foods?
Oh bother….

Do you remember The Rise and Fall of Jenny Goodguts?
Author Jennifer Hole shares:

My seven-year-old, who had a lesson in climate change at school last month, asked me why people are hurting the earth, why people do bad things to damage, to injure Mother Nature.

It is important to have information. It is important to understand unintended consequences and how things are connected.

There are problems to solve, shifts to be made. But you don’t teach a child (Gail’s insertion—or an adult!) by calling her bad. You wrap her in your arms . You tell her that people love the earth and people work hard to take care of what they love. That people are a force for good. That her life is not a burden, but a gift. That there are things we have not understood but that we are learning all of the time, and once we learn then we can figure out how to take better care of our home and of each other.

WE have an opportunity to look beyond…

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field—meet me there. ~Rumi

Is the opportunity of our time to remember that we’re all on the same team?


When you begin to see your complicity in the perversity you encounter in life, then there begins to be the possibility that you might provide others with some much-needed leadership. ~Lee Thayer

A note….
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