Riding the Coaster

To be calm is the highest achievement of the self. ~Zen Proverb

For many years I thought, Something must surely be wrong with me.

Have you ever been preparing for a life event like a graduation? a marriage? a move? a new family member? a vacation? when a well meaning connection asks, “Are you excited?”

I’ve asked the question myself, many times, for conversation’s sake.

The inquiry always leaves me philosophizing about how to answer.
Feign excitement?
Honestly admit to my excitement void?
Dodge the question with a volleyed, unrelated return?

Do you feel uncomfortable with the excitement question, too?

My intensity of feeling needle naturally magnetizes toward the middle.

I’ve learned there’s nothing wrong. In truth, something might be right.

The ups and downs are going to happen.

Can you keep your emotions steady on the ride?

Now if you have a couple minutes, watch Rosalie teach her pups the value of remaining calm.