Patience and Communication

Looking at tranquil Henrietta, would you suspect she’s riddled me with puncture wounds, slashed a gash in my left big toe, and almost pierced her dog dad’s ear?

Puppy bite—it’s real.

We’ll survive.

The training videos I’ve watched remind me that the first twelve months with a puppy are all about communication and patience. We intend to teach Henri we’re the leaders and she’s the follower.

We’ve learned that when her biting becomes too aggressive, she’s tired, and needs time away from play.

She’s learned her gated area is where she collects her wild instincts—a place to rest away from too much stimuli.

We’ve learned that yelling ouch instigates more biting.

She’s learned that “No!” with a firm grip on the scruff of her neck means let go.

Henrietta knows the meaning of here, sit and give. Her listen and follow through are best when working one on one, with little outside distraction.

There are so many cues—both verbal and physical.

Communication and Patience—we learn together.