Ordinary Life

Is the way

To his Hello
I prattled on about the baby red squirrel

The critter was slow
Not afraid
Would have allowed me to pick it up

Believe me
I wanted to
Yet good sense prevailed

I felt for the little fellow
Whose sibling was racing across the patio and up the cedar
With instinct

I have no idea what happened to this photogenic fourpaw that I met last spring.
Suspect it might have made a meal for a hawk or coyote.
What I’m sure of though, is that the rest of the family is alive and up to mischief.
Spied exiting our garage on a number of occasions, we found our boat cover in tatters.

I’ve changed.

Once upon a time….my mind would have been bombarded with negative thoughts.
I might have cursed the red squirrels, or found fault with somebody for leaving the garage door up, or grumbled about replacement cost.

This change in me has been seamless….one tiny step at a time.

Yesterday I embraced the opportunity to go talk to Freddie at his boat restoration business. I met him in spring when I’d taken the cover for a seam repair. We shared an I/Thou connection then, leaving a happy impression.

When I showed him the shredded canvas yesterday, he asked if I got my pellet gun out yet. I told him I’m not that kind of girl. He asked me to hold on while he had a guy pull up some boat cover photos and an estimate.

“My dog is in the car. Will it take long?”

“Go get your dog,” he said.

Henrietta thought the boat store was great fun!
And so did I.

Life has not changed.
My way of seeing has.
Ordinary life is the way.