Offer a Choice

Don’t believe everything you think. ~unknown

“My dad said you probably wouldn’t come because of the drive, so we didn’t invite you,” said my grade school nephew about his birthday party.

Humph! I thought. What made him so certain I wouldn’t come? He could have at least asked…

This happened many years ago, but I still remember feeling slighted. Guess what?

I just did the same thing!

In a text conversation with my niece, we discussed an upcoming family gathering for my son’s high school graduation. She asked who was coming.

Will grandpa be there?

I think so…

How fun.

And then I moved on with the day. My niece is a mother to four young children and lives a plane ride’s distance away. Not once in our conversation did I even consider inviting her.

This morning while running the vacuum over a floor full of crumbs, I remembered what my nephew said to me all of those years ago….dad said you probably wouldn’t come.

I stopped cleaning, picked up my phone and texted my niece:

Do you want to come? I promise vomit flavored jelly beans will NOT be on the menu. :)

Now she gets to decide for herself.

Oh, and I’m also still learning that despite having it drilled into my head as a child that It’s not polite to invite yourself! is a rule that can be broken. Can I come?

We are 100% responsible for the energy we bring—make it good.

*Jelly Belly once made a vomit flavored bean. Only a teenager and second grader would make an agreement that one would eat the jelly bean if the other ate kimchi. One party got cold feet when it was their turn. I’ll allow you imagination to fill in what happened next .