Monster to Mentor (Wrap Up)

A collaboration with Hazel Gale: Founder of the Mind Monster Project

It’s estimated that for most people 70 percent of their 50,000 daily thoughts are negative. People bring destructive habits and limiting self-beliefs to therapy, wondering how they’ll ever make a dent in them. However, the beauty of having a regenerative brain is that it means we can let go of unhelpful habits and update unrealistic beliefs. We do it all the time. Do you still believe in Father Christmas? No, I thought not. Yet, he did seem real once, didn’t he?

Your mind is a self-adapting, intelligence-generating machine of truly awesome power. And this book is about learning how to collaborate with it, rather than battling against it in order to make a difference. Because believe me, there’s more to life than just brawling for the win. The real fun comes from learning to love the game and make something meaningful out of it. ~Hazel Gale—Preface to Fight: Win Freedom From Self-Sabotage

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