Until I Found the Presents

Comfortable between soft sheets, under our well used summer comforter with my own pillow cradling my head, I woke. Home from our travels, a tiny cloud of melancholy rested on my shoulder.

Does that happen to you? A little let down when a thing you’d been building anticipation for comes to an end?

We’d pulled up our drive near the stroke of midnight, I unpacked my suitcase, and went straight to bed.

Getting up, I stepped into my well practiced routine—fleece jacket over pajama top, down the stairs, grind the coffee beans, and survey the yard from the windows.

Despite blue sky, my pesky little mood cloud was still hanging around until…I caught sight of a frisky, spotted fawn leaping around the back yard. A fawn! There’s a fawn to watch this year!

After the little one and its mother disappeared into the brush, I stepped outside and began fussing with my flower pots. I’d asked the sweet sixth grader from across the street to keep them watered in our absence and she did a terrific job. Pinching spent flowers, I was serenaded by a raucous chorus of newly hatched wrens wondering where their mother was with more food.

Mother Nature left me presents to chase the melancholy cloud away.

Yes, vacation was over.

Now, I have the now.