Living Lessons

Hoops clattered to the floor. Mine zinged off my hand and careened off my back enough times that Ruth will never stand next to me in a hula hoop class again. Good thing the plastic rings are light and harmless.

The teacher said, “Every time your hoop hits the floor, consider it a victory. When it falls, it’s because you’re trying a new skill. Love the sound of hoops that clatter!”

Interesting…earlier that same morning at yoga when trees wavered and toppled off their mats, the instructor shared a Japanese proverb: Nana korobi, ya oki—Fall down seven times, Stand up eight

It’s one thing to hear a lesson. Another to share a lesson you’ve been taught.

I find doing with awareness of the lesson is the best teacher.

After all that activity, I refueled with a plate of sweet potato hash browns and a spinach bacon quiche. Across the booth sat a long time friend who I’d not connected with in years. Our conversation was as rich and deep as a three scoop hot fudge sundae.

She told me about her hoop teaching journey after she moved to Portland, Oregon.

“A lot of the instructors out there are highly skilled performers. For a while I questioned whether I was good enough, if I fit. Then I recognized I was telling myself a story—the wrong one. I’ve found lots of beginners who want to learn to hoop. I love teaching beginners!”

Laura found her groove—a living inspiration.

*If you live near Portland and want to try keeping a hoop on your hips, check out Beauty in Movement.