Knock Three Times

“Make sure you get your hummingbird and oriole feeders out— this weekend,” my father said with the seriousness of of a stock adviser telling a client to buy low and sell high.

He’s eighty-two and never resists the opportunity to offer words of wisdom to his youngest daughter.

“But the dandelions aren’t up yet and it’s going to snow,” I challenged.

“The daffodils are blooming and the birds will start migrating through any day,” he said.

“You’re right,” I said with an internal and external smile. No use arguing.

What I didn’t tell my father is that the orioles and I have a long standing relationship. When they arrive from the south, the birds perch on a ledge above the kitchen window where I hang a feeder with nectar and oranges. If the feeder’s not been hung—or if it’s empty—they peck at the window.

I’m always happy for their return. I enjoy their antics, bright orange feathers, and the connection to nature they invite.

And now I have three questions for you…

Who knocks on your window?

Do you answer?

How do you feel when they’ve gone?