Is it in our nature to forget?

“Mary Miller was there,” he said. “I haven’t seen her in years.”

“Did you talk to her?” I asked. “Anything new?”

“Yes, I did. And no, not really….”

He continued….sharing the names of others in attendance.

I wasn’t listening. My mind had galloped off onto its own frontier. The mention of Mary conjured memories and questions.

Is it in my nature to forget to listen?

All communication is a little bit like playing the telephone game where messages are passed from one to another?

Words pass through our filters like water through the auto-drip?

Lime and calcium deposits slow, divert and cloud?

I caught myself and said, “Sorry, can you start again? I just remembered to listen.”

A friend has shared with me:

All conversations are with myself. Sometimes they involve other people.

As I work on my communication, the meaning deepens.