Is it break time?

Whatever I was trying to say came two words forward, one word back yesterday. On one of many pauses from the keyboard, I spied baby rabbit munching on a dandelion leaf near the pine tree it’s called home since leaving the nest last week. Perfect cover.

“Good Choice Baby Rabbit—eat all the dandelions you want.”

Next, one of the Doe Trio joined my distraction.

“Who are you talking to?” Doe asked.

“Doe, meet Baby Rabbit……Baby Rabbit, meet Doe. I know she’s huge, but you’ve nothing to fear from her. She’s an herbivore—like you. See—she’s munching a mouthful of leaves…..Will you guys stay put for a minute while I grab a carrot stick and my camera? I didn’t know it was break time.”

Was Felix Salten blessed with scenes of rabbit and deer outside his window while writing Bambi: a Life in the Woods? The Austrian’s story about the young male deer whose mother was shot was published in 1923. Simon & Schuster published an English translation in 1928. Walt Disney brought the story to screen in 1942.

Where do you find inspiration? Or should I ask, where does inspiration find you?