Her Thinking Left No Choice

After tying her laces, Maggie grabbed the the counter’s edge and hoisted herself to stand. An extended fit of coughs left her pressing a thumb into her ribs in an attempt to relieve her back spasms. The Advil had yet to work its magic.

Walking predawn, Maggie’s poodle Jake must have sensed his owner’s discomfort because he walked like an angel—no pulling.

The envelope laid face down on the asphalt. Letting out a tiny gasp, Maggie bent to pick it up. The red, white, and blue stamp and handwritten lettering told Maggie the letter was more than marketing junk. She didn’t recognize the recipient’s name. Examining the address on the closest street mailbox and comparing it to the envelope, Maggie deduced that she’d need to move a few houses west to find the right box.

“That’s odd,” she said to Jake, “…this address does not seem to exist. How did this letter end up on the ground?”

Maggie considered dropping the envelope—pretending she hadn’t seen it. Nope! This letter might contain something important.

Next, she thought about stuffing the letter into a random mailbox. She already struggled to hold the leash and a full green poo bag while wiggling Jack’s reward treats from her jacket pockets. Nope! That wouldn’t be right—problem finders are problem solvers.

And so for the rest of the walk, Maggie carried the letter. She’ll drop it at the post office when she next goes into town…maybe for some chicken soup.

As we think, so will we be. As we are, so will we do. ~Lee Thayer

Do you watch your thoughts? Got any that need revision?

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