He left the door open

He responded: definitely got a few bites, but we also went at sunset

His Instagram post = 4 photos of Lion’s Den Gorge = a hike with views of Lake Michigan’s picturesque shoreline

I commented: Beautiful! Mosquitoes?

Google maps tells me the trail is a 51 minute drive from my house.
This summer, walking near brambly vegetation in our yard drives clouds of mosquitoes into a blood sucking frenzy.
I was fishing for clues. Should I make the drive?

If he’d responded:

lost a lot of blood or still itching—I’d have immediately decided not to go.
not a bite—I’d go with an expectation. What if mosquitoes simply don’t like his blood?

I interpreted his loose response as: go and experience whatever you experience, you decide

He didn’t color in my lines.

How often do you leave the door open?