Going Up?

Angel Mara….I believe she’s watching my every move…..

Try this creative connection on for size?

Pollyanna Frankl?
Viktor Whittier?

What do you get when you cross an Austrian neurologist/psychiatrist with an orphaned minister’s daughter?

I found connection!

Both saw the wisdom of accepting whatever conditions the world set before them. Once aware, they went about the business of creating a story to shape the world they lived in…

Think about this…
Is your reality the same as mine?
Do you know what I know? How would that even be possible?

Is Truth the stories we create together?!

Pollyanna Whittier flipped the attitude of a town upside down through her thoughts and actions. She non-taught (aka–inspired) everyone from a dour, old bachelor to her rigid, proper aunt that attitude is everything. We build our lives through the stories we tell ourselves about them–individually and collectively.
Pollyanna lived the Glad Game.

She told the town’s hypochondriac that she’d, “Ought to forget about dying and be glad you’re living!

That brave little girl influenced the town’s pastor. She shared the phrase on her locket with him.
When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will. ~Abraham Lincoln
Wouldn’t you know the pastor started sharing the bible’s happy texts in his sermons?

And how does Pollyanna connect to Frankl?

He knew the same secret that hides in plain sight!
We create our world?

Yesterday I was gifted a Frankl video. In it, Frankl tells the story of a depressed patient who could not get over the death of his wife three years prior. Frankl asked the man a simple question, “What if you had died before your wife? Have you, by living, saved her the suffering of losing you?”

Do we build our lives through what we choose to see?