Flossing Cake, how clever!

“Will you cut the cake?” my companion asked the bakery attendant.

“No—we don’t cut” replied the cashier. “You’ll want the guests to see the design, right?”

“Do you have any advice for achieving neat, clean slices?”

“Unflavored dental floss.”

My ears perked up and I thought, Aha!

My companion’s facial features registered skepticism.

On the way home I asked, “Are you going to try cutting the cake with floss?”

“I don’t know…”

Today at the prenuptial celebration, half the cake was sliced with a silver blade—the other fifty percent with unflavored, waxed string.

Any guesses as to which worked better?

Let me just say that true experts offer sound advice.

Simma immigrated to America from Russia in 1979, pursued her dream of opening a bakery and left an award winning legacy.

Keep going…..keep going….keep going….

Synchronicity! Who’s in the photo with Simma? Why it’s Julia Child!