Enlightening Brunch

When I entered the studio, I first noticed the musicians—Dennis and Victoria. The duo calls themselves the Thunderbolt Tribe. With their drum, harmonium, guitar, and voices, they travel the Midwest, with two main interests. Both are yoga instructors and recovered addicts. The pair shares their music at yoga events and in sobriety houses.

Sarah, my regular yoga instructor, put a lot of thought and effort into Saturday morning’s community class. Not only did she contact and arrange for Dennis and Victoria to supplement her teaching, she also prepared a brunch at her home and invited her regular students and the musicians to socialize after class.

The second thing I noticed when I entered the studio was the scant number of mats on the faux wood floor. Where was everyone? For over a week, Sarah had shared the invitation with her classes. I felt a little disgruntled and disappointed on Sarah’s behalf.

If she felt let down—it didn’t show.

Sarah’s an inspiration in the art of acceptance.

After class, my few fellow students dissipated like fog touched by the sun.

“Will you be able to come for brunch?” Sarah asked me.

I’d planned to go right home after class…puppy duty. Saturday was a fine summer day and I knew my husband wanted to get out on his bike. I found myself faced with conflicting interests….

I told Sarah I couldn’t make it as I needed to get home, but on the short walk to my truck, I couldn’t shake feeling bad.

When my husband answered my call I explained, “Hardly anybody came to class. Nobody is going to the brunch. She gives so much…do you mind if I go for a little while?”

He didn’t mind.

I went.

Tomorrow I’ll share an interesting conversation I had with Sarah’s husband…..

Would you have gone to brunch?
If somebody gives, do you give back?

I’ve read that we are hard-wired to reciprocate. That’s why charities send free return address labels and brands give away samples at the grocery. Do you feel a tug to give back? Can you perceive a difference between altruism and manipulation?