Determination Illuminated

Depending on whose electronic device you trust, my family and I walked somewhere between 35 and 45 miles over the course of three spring days. Legs wobbly from use, blisters on somebody’s feet and tempers shortening, we kept going. There was so much to see!

Several years have passed since our eyes, noses and fingertips were delighted by Washington D.C.’s cherry trees dressed in full spring regalia.

Just a couple of days ago, my husband and I climbed and descended, weaved and wavered on a section of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail. We passed a hollow tree trunk with branches— sprouting leaves!

“How is it doing that?” I asked. “Remember the tree in Washington D.C.? Do you still have the photo on your phone?”

I’m really curious to know if that tree is still standing!

A long shot….

Have you been in Washington D.C. recently? Over by the Jefferson Memorial? Have you seen this inspirational tree?

We’re all riddled with holes of different shapes and sizes—most of them invisible.

Are you determined to keep going in spite of past wounds and scars?

I recently read two pieces within minutes of each other highlighting the benefits of life-long learning and connection.

Find Seth Godin’s piece here

And a delightful, short story by Ravindirin Zearamane here.