A Love Story ❤

“No wonder the plastic cracked!” I said.

Our bathroom clock and weather station announced an outside temperature of -4 F. This was at 8:00 am with the sun up! Henrietta and I were trotting around our moonlit neighborhood before 6:00 am.

I wonder what the temperature was then?!

Henri’s plastic cone does (did!) double duty as a shovel every time she put her nose down for a sniff. Somewhere near the half mile point I heard a crack when cone connected with icy bank. In the dark, without glasses, I hypothesized.

A half mile later, I confirmed my guess upon entering our front door into the dimly lit foyer.

Henrietta’s cone is kaput!

For those of you who have been reading me for a while, this might come as a surprise. We had a spare anti-lick device in our basement!


For some unknown reason I’d hung onto one of Mara’s fancy plastic necklaces.

Save the stitches!
Heaven knows if unprotected, the patient would have them pulled by now.

I have a couple of thoughts about love today….

Love is self-forgetting.
Love is patient and kind.
Love is giving.

Such simple little teachings, but they become more and more important.

For whom and/or what do you sacrifice your self?