Come take a peek at San Diego

Hi Everyone! While my family still sleeps after yesterday’s travel and first day in sunny Southern California, I’m sitting on the carpet in our dark room. I hear an instrumental version of The Star Spangled banner penetrating the glass sliding doors that lead to a small balcony - an outdoor extension to our room.

Is the music coming from Coronado across the bay?

This vacation is a repeat for our party of three. We visited San Diego last August.

Do you ever find that on a second visit you have a deeper experience because you’re familiar with the simple housekeeping items? Your brain doesn’t have to work so hard at figuring out where the hotel is, how you’re going to get there, and where to find lunch? ‘Do overs’ open me to a deeper, richer experience.

Below are scenes that grabbed my attention.

If you walked in my flip flops, I wonder if the same scenes would have asked you to take their photo…or if your attention would have gone elsewhere.;)

We had long layover in Phoenix AZ after a 5:30 am departure. Some people complain about air travel and I can imagine if it became part of my everyday experience, I’d grow tired of taking my shoes off, buying overpriced bottles of water, waiting, and being sandwiched between strangers. Fortunately for me, it’s not! I enjoyed the entire experience.

Succulents that do not grow in my backyard.

Don’t know how, but we totally missed this massive statue last year. I was amazed at how well metal can impersonate fabric.

When I told the Uber driver we were excited to be visiting over July Fourth, he gave me a hard time with a little teasing. “Not much special happens around here,” he said with the seriousness of a preacher. After a pause he flashed a brilliant smile and told us where to look for the best fireworks.

Our first visit to Little Italy.

Impressive artwork on the patio where we dined. The restaurant staff all spoke with an Italian accent. So awesome!

Night view from our room.

I’m blessed.

You, too?