Am I blocking your way?

“Oh, hello,” I said to the chippy poking its head over the stair.

In a flash she was gone.

Conveniently I had my phone in my hand while taking a break from potting, transplanting and pulling weeds. With my dirt covered index finger I manged to open the camera app, took aim at the stairs, and waited.

The bandit scrambled around the loose block that needs re-gluing and peeked at me from the opposite side.

“You’re wanting to get to the bird feeder I suppose?”

“Why yes, yes I do. I noticed there was full vacancy—not a red squirrel, grey squirrel or feathered flier in sight. Must be because you’re here.”

“Probably right about that,” I replied. “I suppose you want me to move?”

And she disappeared.

No doubt she outflanked me by taking the long way around, or she opted for one of many rodent subway tunnels.

Hustle and bustle—not just for city folk.