A Rainbow Over Your Head?

Father Kevin was still dressed in his black pants and shirt. His white collar was visible, but unbuttoned and off to one side. He’d come to the graduation party after Saturday evening mass.

When one of my neighbors asked how he was he replied, “A bit tired. Since Thursday I’ve presided over two funerals, one wedding, performed last rights, and had mass this afternoon. It’s writing so many homilies that becomes a challenge.”

“In our professions we don’t get weekends off, do we Father?” said our party host, who flies the friendly skies for a living.

Nancy, who I’ve only seen through my car window in passing since our kids outgrew escorts to the bus stop, mentioned she was on call. She’s a surgical transplant nurse for Children’s Hospital. If the call comes, she’s prepared to hop a plane to retrieve a heart, liver or kidney and spend up to twelve hours in surgery.

Surrounded by ups and downs, I wonder how the Father and nurse separate the professional from the personal.

Their jobs must give them a unique perspective on life’s tiny bumps, don’t you think?

I’ve been enjoying this song from Kacey Musgraves. As if on cue, raindrops started pelting my window as I type.

It’s nice to know there’s a rainbow hanging over our heads...if we choose to look for it.