A lot of my steps were running....

College drop off was….
a bit messy.

First, there was no vacancy for the Boenning Tahoes in the load/unload zone so we went rogue and parked a block farther down the street. Our intent was to carry in a few laundry baskets and cardboard boxes, hope some space would open up, and then move the vehicles. Well, space did not open. Even though we had our college move in papers on the dash, the city ticketed us—and all the others who parked there.

Does that seem welcoming?

Second, the cedar bunk constructed meticulously to match the dormitory bed frame diagram? We hauled in the lumber, assembled, found it did not fit, disassembled and hauled the lumber back to the truck.

While the project’s mastermind furiously ratcheted and pounded, the teen and I shared knowing glances. The boy kept looking at his watch—he had a meeting to get to.

“How soon do you think he’ll be back?” I whispered.

“Before the week is out,” came the reply.

I love that about my husband—tenacious, responsible, no quit.

I did not shed one tear before exiting the dormitory’s main door.

There wasn’t time!

Walking down the sidewalk, my husband’s hand on my back, he said, “This is what all our effort was for. It’s okay.”

I held myself together with the phrase: You control your mind—it does not control you.

I only needed four Kleenex on the ride home—not too bad.

In his sweat soaked shirt, my husband said, “I’ve no liquid left in me for tears.”

I laughed.

A job well done.

A reader asked about medical treatment for the fish hook puncture….

Yes! I called the pediatrician’s office the morning after the poke to check on the angler’s tetanus vaccine status…

“It was last administered in 2012. We recommend a booster if there is a laceration or puncture beyond five years.”

Despite his adult age, the clinic willingly made him an appointment. A kind PA in cartoon scrubs looked at the wound, poked him in his bicep, and wrote a script for a preventative antibiotic.

I verified that the man who I’ve been taking to this office since he was four weeks old is current on all other vaccines. I do not want to be the mother of a child who dies from meningitis that could have been prevented by a simple shot.

He’s good to go….